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Listed below are publications available directly from the author at drastically reduced costs (even free!). Other materials can be found in the "find me " section under "Academia" (free access to select essays & articles) or my Amazon author page. A mostly complete list of publications can be found buried on LinkedIn. FYI, I've put the blog on hiatus for the time being so I can focus on creating more comics and graphic novels.
PLEASE NOTE: After ordering you will receive a confirmation email (with download link if applicable). If you do not receive it within a few minutes, check your spam folder. The mail may be sent from the host's "jemi" domain rather than from my own email or domain. If you cannot locate it, email me directly via the contact form.

Free Ebook: Is Grad School for You? A Straightforward Guide

This 2nd edition guide takes you step-by-step through the process of deciding if attending graduate school is a match to your goals and desires.  10 pages. Written & illustrated by Sandra Mizumoto Posey.

FREE EBOOK on:LINE comics anthology magazine

on:LINE is a digital comics anthology from Ambient Zero features the work of Naomi Reid, Adam Reich,  Dr. Minzz, Vince Mancuso, Jennifer Herbert, Charles Hackbarth, Claudio Ghirardo, Matthew Brown and me, Sandra Mizumoto Posey (an excerpt from my forthcoming graphic novel Post-Apocademia).


The truth you'll never hear -- straight from college students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Short, snarky essays, big funny truths. 

Out of print, at a discounted price, and in limited quantities. Order here and you'll get a signed copy. Price includes shipping (in the U.S.).

FREE- Monthly Newsletter

with a new comic every time & updates on any new freebies I make available.

Free Mini Zine

Haven't gotten your copy of my free mini teaser zine? And a thank you card decorated with hand-carved stamps? Just message me your SNAIL mail address --- that's right I'm going to send you real, old-fashioned paper mail that isn't a bill. How can you lose? So go on now, tell me where I can send it (U.S. only). You'll also get fun, cool extras -- maybe a mini notebook, a fancy metal bookmark or stickers or Sephora samples, or fortune-telling fish -- it could be anything -- whatever I can fit in the envelope with a forever stamp or 2 for however long stuff lasts! You won't know until it arrives by old fashioned U.S.P.S. Part of the fun is the surprise and the randomness of it. There might be one of a kind, handmade items in there or weird stuff you'll wonder about -- so go ahead, you have nothing to lose and random things to gain!

FREE: What is Folklore? Curriculum handout

For teachers and instructors; An excerpt from my graphic novel, Post-Apocademia, that clearly explains the breadth of what folklore covers in easy-to-understand illustrated format. This version contains adult language (1 word). 7 pages.

FREE What is Folklore? Curriculum Handout (no adult language)

Sanitized language version.