Sandra Mizumoto Posey published her first comic bi-weekly in the early 1990s for the Rafu Shimpo, the nation’s oldest and largest Japanese-English community newspaper. She went on to grad school and earned her Masters and Ph.D. in Folklore & Mythology from UCLA. Over the next several decades she wrote and published on a variety of topics in a variety of genres — from poetry, how-to, and personal narrative to academic essays and original ethnographic research — before returning to comic form for her current project, Post-Apocademia, a semi-fictionalized graphic memoir about her harrowing journey through what she’s come to call “the ivory cower.” It’s a humorous and far from academic take on the crisis in higher ed from an insider’s perspective that leaves the reader with hope for the future and a call to action. Most relevant to this project, Sandra has published material specifically about higher education itself — in scholarly journals, in the Routledge anthology Narratives of Marginalized Identities in Higher Education (2019), and in her co-edited and co-authored volume The Snarktastic Guide to College Success (Pearson, 2014). Beginning May 2022, her thematically related short-form comic “College Edge” appears as a regular feature in Campus News, a free newspaper distributed at 37 U.S. colleges. Sandra currently lives in Colorado (where she is an Associate Professor of Gender, Women's & Sexualities Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver) but identifies as a homesick Angelena prone to hugging succulents and cacti (carefully), an Asian American of mixed heritage, cisgender, pansexual, and disabled. You can learn more about Post-Apocademia in her guest post on Professor is In author Karen Kelsky's blog and on the May 18, 2022 episode of the podcast Mother F**ker in a Cape (available wherever you download your podcasts).

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